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Transform Design Consulting is the work of Gudrun Ruehmkorff, Sydney-based designer and artist.

Gudrun the interior designer

Gudrun RuehmkorffGudrun Ruehmkorff has worked in the industry for over 10 years, 3 of which in Sydney, Australia where she now calls home.

Gudruns philophsy is to work with each individual client and their home, to understand their lifestyle and cultural needs and to incorporate those within their home and bring harmony with the two elements combined. I enjoy working with different family cultures and bringing that into their home in a refined way and moulding their surroundings to reflect this lifestyle by working with their existing items and adding new pieces to combine and create a home that will bring them comfort and style for many years to come.

Gudrun the artist

Gudrun has been painting for 15 years and has sold many pieces in various countries. She is inspired by natures colours and textures and take pleasure in painting this in many abstract ways.

Gudrun also paint commission pieces to order for property styling projects, budget artwork to use colour and texture to enhance a room. Below are some of her pieces either sold or being used as styling pieces. (click to maximise)

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  • Colour styling
  • Property styling
  • Purchasing furniture/soft furnishings/artwork/lighting etc
  • Interior design/decoration advice
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